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re: Filterless Discus?

I would submit it all depends on the fish and its oxygen needs.  Waste can
be dealt with by water changes and there need be no filtration.  However,
fish like African rift lake cichlids have a need for high oxygen content in
their water, hence water turbulence/agitation, but it need not be filtered,
since water changes can take care of that.

Low oxygen fish, like killifish, bettas, and so on, would be fine for
decades in unfiltered planted tanks.  The only problem you might run into is
cloudy water from particles and not necessarily from bacteria bloom or the
like.  I am not a Planted tank genius, but I know general fish needs, and
filtration is not one of them.

Lazarus Miskowski said:----------------------

Sure you can keep fish in an unfiltered tank with
plants.  You just can't keep AS MANY fish.

Allen "Boat" Boatman
Tampa, FL

Florida Flag Fish - eat my shorts Wright!.....(VBG)