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Plants for Trade

I have some plants I'd like to trade for anything interesting,  I don't have
a lot of plants so make an offer. 

The first was originally identified to me as Giant Hygro and I believe it is
probably related.   However,  it doesn't grow like any Giant Hygro I've ever
had.   The fish store I got it from says it was imported from Hong Kong.

It is a Stem plant but it does not put down tons of roots from the joints
like a lot of stem plants do.    It is also VERY woody,  to the point that
it does not fall over when doing a 60-70% water change.    It is a medium
grower.  It does not grow super fast,  It takes 4 or so weeks to go from a
cutting to 18" where I have to trim the top of it.   When I trim the top it
puts on more branches from the side.   Usually not until I trim the top of
it though.   It does put down lots of roots in the substrate.

The next plant is the Alternanthera Reineckii "roseafolia"  This plant Does
put down roots from the joints quite a bit.   Lots of light helps to slow
this down and also,  after the roots are established,  if you cut it off low
to the ground,  most of the new growth will stay fairly root free.

You can see this plant on the www.tropica.com website.

I'll also throw in some corkscrew val to anyone that may be interested.   I
continually pull that stuff back.