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RE: AGA Contest input

>From: "Dustin Swanson @ Great Lakes Engineering"
<dustins at greatlakeseng_com>
>Subject: RE: AGA contest input

>I think the contest is fine.  It's a nice reference for what good quality
>plants look like (since most plant buying sites have horrible pictures).  I
>don't really think pond"scapes" would have a place in the contest, some
>plant people don't even know what laterite is, they don't use CO2 and 99%
>them have goldfish for fauna.  Plus pond"scapes" have flowers as the
>emphasis unlike our plants.  My opinion is "if it ain't broke....

There are a lot of pond people who have indoor planted tanks, too (me,
included). While some of the mechanisms may be different (as far as
substrates, CO2, lighting, etc), there is a lot of interest and pride in
having a nice pond with healthy plants growing in it, not just surrounding
it. Many of the plants we use in our ponds are the same as those in indoor
tanks, just grown on a larger scale sometimes.  And what's wrong with
goldfish? Yes, they are probably the main choice for outdoor ponds, but not
the only one.  I, for one, would like to see ponds included in the AGA
contest- it would be nice to see what others are doing and get some
inspiration for that part of my hobby, as well. As someone else said, if it
doesn't fly- drop it next year.

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