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Jim Kelly, I tried to send this to: jkelly at landau_ucdavis.edu but it didn't

	I have some questions about CO2 injection.

Firstly, I read your informative article on your DIY CO2 injector system.
Really neat.  You said in that article that you put your CO2 release tube in
the uptake of a power filter?  Would it be ok if that tube were connected to
the air intake/venturi jet on top of a power head?

Secondly, I came into possession of a CO2 system for a greenhouse.  (20lb
and 50 lb tank, plus timer, regulator, solenoid, and emitter/injector) and I
was wondering if that could be used for an aquarium?  If so, to what should
the SCFH be set?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Mr. Allen M. Boatman
Instructor of Horticulture
Orient Road Jail
Hillsborough County School Districts
Tampa, Florida
(813) 247-0836