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AGA Contest - Request for Input

 >Considering the potential pool of entrants (over 1000 AGA members and over
 >1500 APD members), the number of people who actually make the effort to
 >enter makes me wonder if all the work is really worth the bother.

My vision of the amount of work involved is pretty daunting and probably 
still falls short of reality.  Every time I go to the site to look at the 
pix again (which is fairly regularly), I feel grateful to those of you who 
do all this work (and to those who did the work necessary to 
enter).  However, I don't think the measure of the worth of the contest is 
in the number of entries compared to membership in AGA or APD.  Both years 
so far seem to have drawn enough entries of enough variety to be 
interesting and educational.  Isn't that the purpose, as opposed to 
fund-raising, which would need lots of entries and entry fees?  I'm sure 
there are bunches of people like me in both memberships who don't feel 
ready to see a picture of their efforts on the world wide web but who would 
like to have something that nice some day.  I really really love the 
contest and have learned a lot from it.  The photos, the drawings of 
layouts and the judges' comments all are helpful and inspiring, and so far 
as I know that combination isn't available anywhere else.

It's hard to see how adding other categories could be harmful.  It they 
don't draw many entries or much interest, they can be dropped the way the 
artificial one was.

Ellen O'Connell
Parker, CO
mailto:oconnel4 at ix_netcom.com