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Re: Ich in a planted tank

Jon wrote:
I was just curious if anyone has found any ich treatments that are not
on copper or malachite green (or any other staining agent)? I had a bout

with ich about 8 years ago. I tried a copper based treatment. It wiped
most of my plants. I will not risk my plants for the fish again.

I dug through the FINS archives last night to see if there have been any

recent developments in ich treatment. I found nothing new.

Since I don't want to use anything that stains silicone, I won't use
again, and I can't possibly catch all the fish, my options look really

Since I had to do something, I implemented a few things people claimed
I bumped the temperature to 88F, turned off the lights, and covered the
tank. I realize that all this will really do is accelerate things but,
nothing else, keeping the tank dark for a couple days will make me feel
better since I can't see how bad things are getting inside.

I am currently doing battle with Ich in my planted tank and also
searched the FINS and KRIB archives for information and didn't find
anything that would help my situation.  A trip to the LFS yielded a new
product put out by North Coast Marines, called Kick-Ich.  The active
ingredient is 5-nitramidazole (I'm really testing my memory on this
one.)  It is safe for everything we keep in our tanks including plants,
invertebrates, scaleless catfish, even dwarf african frogs.  It doesn't
harm the biological filter and has no color, and works against saltwater

I'm on my third dose with no side effects  The fish are happily swimming
and eating, even the ones with spots.  The only downside is that it
costs $25 per liter, the smallest size they make.  It is suppose to
treat 75 gallons in equal doses every 2 or 3 days for two weeks.  The
guy who sets up saltwater tanks for the LFS recommended this new
product.  As usual you suspend use of carbon and UV during treatment.

I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.

Here's their webiste:

G. Martinez

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