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Re: Names of fish and other heated debates

Cynthia S Powers, referring to the flag fish discussion, said

> oh phooey! 

I can't argue with the implicit logic there.  :-)

I think it's great that the worst name calling that came up in this
last prolonged argument is "Jerk."  Impolite and technically 4 letters,
but in the vernacular, rather tame as deprecations go.  Compared to
some of the other arguments in recent times, this one never turned into
a barfight.  Of course, I a assuming "troll" was intended as a verb and
not a noun  ;-)  .  

If we keep up this level of dialogue, we might make it 4 weeks without
any really hot flames or contentions turning into combat -- a feat we
haven't mastered since last fall.  ;-)

Good for us.
Scott H.

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