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Re: Pump Noise

Jeffery Ludwig said, in part:

> A noisey centrifugal pump usually
> indicates
> there is significant cavitation (vaporization of fluid) in the
> impeller
> chamber.  A simple way to keep enough back presure on the pump to
> meet
> requirements is to keep the liquid level well above the pump intake.
> Granted this usually occurs in industrial pumps with a fluid that has
> a
> significant vapor pressure, try raising the liquid level in your sump
> to
> quiet it down.

This applies when the noise is water-air mixing.  Indeed, just sucking
in gas can make an otherwise quiet pump noisier -- witness the
occassional complaints posted on theis list re CO@ injection via
cansister filters.  But for hums and rattling rotor, and internaly
shorted stator coils, then eletrical or magnetic faults or bad potting
are the more likely causes, and ones whose solution generally requires
replacement of the faulty parts.

Scott H.

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