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Re: Ludwigia

> The glandulosa I got at the AGA conference grows
> slower than a cactus on the moon.  Slower than
> Christmas to an eight year old.  SLOW.
> The other ludwigia I got, which was called "perennis"
> by the LFS, grows much faster.

I've had nice luck with it. It grows faster with lots of nutrients.
It's done better with flourite/onyx over sand.
I've had it get almost black in color. Nice contrast with something like a
bright green colored plant.
One thing is that is should not be crowded, it needs room and light. You can
grow it at lower light but it does sure seem to like the high light.
Poor nutrition yield lighter rose colored vegetative cones. Better growth is
shown in similar color and overall darker color. A bit tricky to reproduce
but if you cut the tops and replant and leave the stumps, they will sprout
many little plantlets. Leave a few lower leaves on the stumps. These can
later be snipped off and planted and then the stump removed.
These plants, as are many, are perhaps 50% root. Folks consider only above
ground growth in most cases. These plants have extensive root systems.
Moving them is not wise.
Mine grow much faster than cactus:)
Tom Barr