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Roots growing from internodes

With most of my stem plants, the roots are growing from internodes.

Here's my plant list:
Lysimachia Nummulariav (Pondpenny) - the worst
Giant Hygrophilia - 2nd to worst
Cabomba caroliniana (not as bad)
Bacopa caroliniana (none at all)

They start to grow a few days after I plant them. They are all rooting in the
substrate fine.

I use 1-3mm gravel, 3" in the front, 4" in the back, 1" layer of Laterite on
the bottom. I cut off the stem right below a node and take off enough leaves to
bury them about 1-2" deep so they don't get uprooted easily.

I heard that planting ~3" horizontally in the gravel works. I haven't tried
this yet because the worst ones have not grown tall enough to trim. Also,
someone suggested that, because the roots don't grow near the top, the cause is
a lack of light penetration to the bottom of the aquarium. I thought that was
definitely it, but to my surprise, the Pondpenny is starting to grow roots at
the top. The Giant Hygro has a woody stem, so I just cut off the bottom and
replant them. What causes this, and how do you prevent it? It's becoming an eye


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