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Ludwigia glandulosa "perennis" growth habits

I'm looking for growing help and suggestions for Ludwigia glandulosa
"perennis".  What kind of growth rate and total height do you all get with
yours? This page (http://hebert.phil.free.fr/Aquarium/Vie/page17.html) says
that L. glandulosa grows 8 cm (3 inches) a week under "strong" light. It
also suggests cutting the top two-thirds off and replanting it every 15
days. Other sources like Tropica say it grows "slowly," which to me is
something less than 3 inches a week.

Mine grows slowly alright (maybe an inch or so in 2 weeks, if that much),
while the L. repens next to it grows like a weed. The height specs I've seen
range from 15 cm to 40 cm but I don't know under what circumstances these
heights are achieved. Mine is about 14 inches tall, so I'm wondering if
maybe it has reached its maximum height given growing conditions in my tank,
and would benefit from replanting the top two-thirds.


Dan Dixon