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New System...wish me luck....please...

Good day...
  I have been a hobbyist for years. My last foray into aquaculture was with a 125 gal marine system, of which I had moderate success, until I found that my 4 children were the one more expensive thing than keeping a marine reef. So, due to the lack of cash and time, I cleaned out the system. For several years now, I've looked at that empty 125 and wanted to start "something". I've recently decided to restart the tank as a planted unit, with a few fish here and there to amuse the kids. 
   I was led to this board by a posting member, who is also an uncle....(you know who you are....!)....he's kept plants and fish for as long as I can remember, and is trying to keep me from making the huge mistakes I'm sure to make. I've still got all of my marine equipment....metal halides, pH probes, controllers, solenoids, etc. I'm now accumulating "stuff" for the new setup. Due to the high lightload, I plan to use CO2 (already have a O2 reactor, reg valves, etc), and am still accumulating materials. 
   What I plan to do, is take pictures at various stages and periods with my digital camera to have a pictorial progression of my failures or success with this tank...should be interesting...
   If any of you knowledgeable folks have any advice, post it here or email me....I would appreciate it. Wish me luck!

kkhaley at attbi_com

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