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Re: ADA Pollen Glass Diffuser

Kevin asked:
"Has anyone had any experience using the ADA glass pollen CO2 disperser with
a DIY pop bottle reactor?  Will the pressure generated in the bottle be
sufficient to push the gas thru the glass disperser without blowing up the

I tried it a few years ago and it wouldn't work for me. I know that someone
on the APD has claimed that it would work, at least with an Eheim diffuser
which had the check valve removed, but I couldn't get enough pressure out of
a yeast generator for it to work for me. An additional problem with a setup
like this is that yeast generated CO2 quite often gumms up the tubing with
some sort of bacterial or fungal growth (apparently harmless in the aquarium
as I have seen fish nibble at it with no ill effects). If this gets into the
pollen glass diffuser it would be next to impossible to clean out and those
things are a bit too expensive and fragile to "fiddle" with.

James Purchase