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Re: Biotope Aquariums

> I am very interested in constructing a "pure" biotope aquarium. In fact,
> I am interested in a few biotopes to model. I have found that the
> information on plants is woefully inadequate. If I want to do a Rio
> Nanay (Peruvian Amazon Basin) biotope, where am I going to find out what
> plant species are there? I can find out what fish are there easily
> enough, but the plants are proving to be impossible.
> Anyone have any ideas? There have got to be biotope people on this list.
> Where did they get their information?
> Jerry Baker

You can go to http://www.dennerle.de/pflanzen/landschaften/e_RIOXINGU.htm or
Or you can order the Dennerle book from Robert.
Don Matakis