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CO2 levels.....

>Ok, so my PH is 7.5, KH 4 degrees, GH 8 degrees, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite 
>are all 0.  I have crushed coral in my canister filter to try and raise the 
>KH, and have managed to get it up to 4, it was 0.
>With the figures I have my CO2 levels are sub-prime.  What can I do to 
>raise them??
>My CO2 is a DIY and I am getting one big bubble every 2-3 seconds.  This 
>feeds into a wood airstone that is placed below my filter intake.

I currently use a DIY yeast system but am about to make the big leap, so
I can make a few suggestions for you. First of all, check out The Krib
regarding building a reactor for DIY yeast CO2. This is a chamber which
holds the CO2 longer so that it can be absorbed into the water better.
The address is


I use a juice bottle with two sides cut out, but still holding the top
in place. Leave the cap on the bottle. Place some rocks in the bottom of
the juice bottle to weight it down in your tank. Place your diffuser
stone in the bottom of the juice bottle so that the CO2 gets collected
at the top of the bottle. Place a powerhead aimed across the surface of
this CO2 bubble to keep the water gently moving, and therefore CO2
disolving into the water longer.

If you have a canister filter, you could also send the CO2 directly into
the canister intake. This would also have the CO2 in contact with the
water longer before it finally exits the canister.

Hope that helps!

Ed Dumas