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CO2 Content in DIY Yeast

I have a question which I have been pondering for some time now. As I am
getting closer to getting a CO2 injection system (I can't wait!), I have
been wondering how much CO2 is actually in the gas(es) given off by a
DIY yeast system. We all know that a canister is much better at getting
CO2 into the tank. Experience (by anyone who uses a canister after a
yeast system) says this is true.

But if one gets the same number of bubbles from a yeast system as a
canister would normally deliver, the results are still not equivalent. I
suspect it is because the actual content of the CO2 in the gas coming
off a yeast system is more in the range of about 50%.

Does anyone out there have any more information than my hunch? What else
may be in these gases? Alcohol? It is just something that I thought
would be interesting to know.


Ed Dumas