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Effect of UV sterilizer on biological filter

I actually have two 280B filters and I changed media on both at the same
time, for some reason they were very clogged. I took the bio wheels out
because my DIY CO2 generator just can't keep up with the C02 loss with
them in. After I took them out my CO2 is anywhere between 15 and 25 PPM
most times, with them in it never get higher than 9 PPM or so.

I guess nothing is free in life.


Thank you for all the replies.

Art Batista


From: "Matt Wassenhove" <Wass29 at qconline_com>
Subject: RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #19

Art without the bio-wheels on your filters you are missing some of the
needed biological filtration on your tank. When you changed your filter
media you removed some of that biological filtration that you had and
tank will need about a week or so to write itself.  But the problem is
is going to happen every time that you remove the filter media unless
get some bio-wheels in there...

Matt W.