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dosing solutions and pumps - long

Due to the fact that I can't remember to dose my tank on a regular basis
(and because I am a gadget freak) I am going to automatically do it.  I have
a couple of questions.  I am also in the process of finally hooking up my
automated water changing system so I realize I'll have to test and
manipulate amounts somewhat.  FWIW, I plan to do water changes every 3 days
(10%-15% a week) and dose either every day or just after each water change.
I currently do around 16 gallon WC's once a week since I have to do them by
hand and dose afterwards.

Tank: 92 gallon, 250 Watt metal halide, Dupla cables, CO2 injection, heavily
KH: 3
GH: 3
pH: 6.8
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 1.7-3 (lowered it from 5-10 to get more red from rotala macandra
but it isn't working)
Phosphate: .2-.8
Temp: 84

I currently dose
TMG: (I am considering alternating this with Flourish) at 20 mL twice a week
Flourish Iron: 4 mL once a week
Flourish Potassium: 3 mL once a week
Alkaline Buffer: 1 teaspoon once a week
Equilibrium: 2 teaspoons once a week
Nitrate: 1/2-1 teaspoon a week as indicated by test kit
Phosphate: 1/4 occasionally as indicated by test kit

I would not add the phosphate into the solution, it seems I add less and
less.  There is phosphate in my water so I think that moving WC's to twice a
week will probably stabilize it to where I no longer need it.

I am not sure how concentrated the dosing solution can be.  I remember Greg
Morin saying something about not mixing Equilibrium in the solution (can't
remember why but something would precipitate out I think).  I am not sure if
that was strictly in a non-diluted solution or not.  It would be nice not to
have to buy another pump just for it. It would also be preferable to mix up
a month or so of this in a container to go under my tank.

1.  Is it possible to add the Equilibrium in if I had a more dilute

2.  How concentrated can it be? I have no idea how much water to add.
Alkaline Buffer, Equilibrium and Nitrate are all powder.

3.  Does it need to be in an opaque container?  I was going to get a
Rubbermaid jug and poke a hole in the lid.  It would be under the tank and
there would be no direct light but it wouldn't be dark either.

4.  Is the "shelf life" of a concentrated solution the same as that of
individual chemicals?  How often does it need to be replaced?

5.  Has anyone had any experience with the individual dosing pumps from
www.automatedaquariums.com?  I was considering hooking one or more of them
up to my watering system. My system will utilize a sprinkler timer and I
have open zones available.  I looked at the LiterMiter but since it sounded
like I possibly needed 2 pumps, it wouldn't work and the LiterMeter 2 is
still not on the market.

Thanks as always and sorry for the novel!

Daphne in Atlanta