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I'm still in the setting up stages, and wondering what colors
background people use.  My tank is a cube, placed in the corner of
the room, so I'm probably going to put colored backing on 2 sides.

I've tried black, IMO eh, doesn't do much for a planted tank.  In
another tank I have a blue background and it looks nice, if a bit
dull (looks excellent for my reef tank though!).  I was looking at
some of the AGA winner's tanks and noticed that some use a light
reddish-brown background, this gives more a sense of depth, but
I'm not sure where to find that color background.  I also like the
idea of corkboard in the tank for moss to grow on, etc. but with
the plants I already have you probably won't be able to see much
of it.

So what's your opinions?  What are some of your favorite backgrounds?