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Re: Finding Fault Fish or What's so common if it has so many names

Allen and Sandra said more than once about the famous and infamous flag

> Floridae is in reference to the state of
> Florida.

At the risk of being mistaken for the other Scott that has been in this
thread, and possibly irreparably harming his reputation, hear goes:

First there was disagreement about the common monikers but now there is
disagreement about the latin labels.  Latin experts, speak up, we've
already been informed that Floridae means "florid" not of or pertaining
to "Florida, the Sunshine State," which would be floridaense or some
such thing.

Someone said, it was named, in part, for the german flag.  Actually the
flag fish from Europe is much more complicated mechanically and usually
costs a lot more money than the more common fare  ;-).

Scott H.

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