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Re: Re: Dying (dead) puffer

> If you want to euthanize him (I would in the circumstances), my prefered
> method is to net the fish from the tank and place into a 32oz (or
> sufficently sized) tuperware container.  This container should be ~2/3
> of tank water.  Once the fish is in there, or before hand even, put in
> 6 good-sized ice cubes.  The fish's metabolic rate will rapidly decrease
> the fish should be dead in ~1 minute or so.
> Alternatively you could "pithe" the fish, but this is much messier and
> requires little more practice to do humanely.
> Whatever you do, don't flush the fish while still alive...  (Although I
> admit to doing that to a particularly nasty fish once upon a time)
> HTH,
> Tony
Ok...'the deed' is done :-(  I used the first suggested method, which
worked.  Too sad :-(  It was definately time, he was simply lying in some of
my plants not moving any fins anymore, and breathing slowly.  It was
quick...what else is there to say?  I hope it wasn't painful.