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Effect of UV sterilizer on biological filter


Recently I added a UV sterilizer to my 55 gallon tank (3 Weeks ago) and
while doing maintenance today I noticed that the tank has 1 PPM Ammonia.
This is a long ago cycled tank; Nitrites are 0; Nitrates 8 PPM.

I do a partial water change weekly or so, with the last one 3 days ago
(15 Gallons out of 55 gallons).

Could this be caused by the UV sterilizer, or perhaps because when I did
the water change I also changed filter media (2 Emperor's 280B WITHOUT

I am guessing it was the media change at the same time as the partial
water change that did it, but in any case, will this tank cycle again
quickly or will it take 4 to 6 weeks again?

The substrate was not disturbed, plants seem ok, but some of the fish
are showing signs of stress.

Thanks for any insight.