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RE: AquaBid.com Plant Catagories


As a frequent seller and buyer of plants on AquaBid, I have a suggestion
that might help.  It seems to me that there are a few "large scale" sellers
of plants, and then the folks like me that try to sell high quality / rare
plants from our own tanks.  Most of the traffic in the Plants section seems
to come from those large scale sellers that post on AquaBid.com and
Ebay.com.  I personally find it annoying to wade through the large scale
posts when I am looking to see what a fellow hobbist is looking to sell.

My suggestion would be to separate the two at the very base, and then
provide additional catagories, such as "Swords", Bunch Plants, ground
covers, Packages / Assortments, etc if need be.

Just my 2 cents.

Aquabid userid - Comgen