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FFF name?


I ignored the early part of this thread, but has anyone pointed out that
"floridae" refers to the fish being florid (as in colored like a flower)
rather than being from Florida (which would be "floridense")  I've not a
clue where the Flag part comes from unless perhaps an allusion to the dorsal
fin.  At any rate there's only one other member of the genus (and that only
according to some) and it lives in Mexico and Guatemala I believe, so name
wouldn't refer to the fish looking like the US or florida flags, but rather
from the fact that it's the flag fish that lives in Florida or the US, while
the other one would be perhaps called the Guatemalan Flag Fish.  Since it's
mostly a drab olive green with some orange, we can be sure it's not related
to the Guatemalan flag.

That's probably not even worth two cents, huh?