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Re: Lotus...I think

Len Kutz wrote:

>Can someone tell me if this red plant is a Lotus?

Yes it is a Lotus (Water Lily). I recently purchased one which looks
just like that. Mine is labelled Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri). Mine was a
Tropica plant, and I am sure that you could see a picture of this plant
and get some information about it from the Tropica site at

You do not have to trim the leaves off, but having them grow to the
surface is not good for the rest of the plants in your tank as it would
block the light for the other plants. I, too, was told that I could
remove the surface leaves in order to keep the plant compact. But then
if you do that, I would imagine it would not bloom for you.

Does anyone else out there know if this plant would survive outdoors,
and what it's tolerance for cold in the winter would be?

Ed Dumas