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Re: American Aponogetons

> From: "Edward Venn" <e_venn at hotmail_com>
> Subject: American Aponogetons
> The GOB's in NANFA were talking plants. Seems there are some Aponogetons
> loose in California. Could Tom Barr maybe get out there and collect some
> specimens for placement on Aquabid and proceeds could go to the defense
> fund. Here's the URL for the pertinent information

Naw, this is a pond plant. Not a good aquarium plant. Perhaps some lace
plants will get loose and cause them to be listed as noxious weeds:) Or rare
I think it would better to handle only cultivate aquarium plants. I've never
seen these invading anywhere in CA but it's possible for sure. The water
temps and conditions are good for the whole genus in many locations in CA.
Tom Barr