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Re: 35gal w/a lot of light

: Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 17:21:11 -0800
: From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
: Subject: Re:  35gal w/a lot of light
: > 
: > 35 gallon acrylic
: > flourite substrate
: > 192W CF lights
: > KH 4
: > GH 5
: > pH 6.7
: > temp 78-80
: > NO3 5-10 ppm
: You have a great deal of light. Does your tap water come out close to those
: amounts?(GH and KH) Or are you using RO etc?

Just did a fresh test of our water.  It came out as KH3.4 (60mg/L),
GH5.6(100 mg/L).  I add baking soda to get the KH up to 4-5ish and go from

: I'd really consider high % water changes and 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3 3x or more
: a week. PO4 will certainly help and higher CO2. Traces your going to be
: adding 10 mls of flourish/TMG every 3 rd day.
: If you have mostly crypts and some slow growing Anubias you can reduce this
: but if you have a fair amount of fast growing plants, this is what's going
: to be added to get a good result (Or very close). 

I have some blood stargrass, rotala indica, glossostigma, ozelot swords,
amazon swords, micro swords, some christmas moss, some crypt spiralis,
some crypt wenditti, and a pretty nifty looking sword I received from
Daphne (that is doing great).

: You can add less NO3/PO4 if you have a fair fish load and algae eaters.

I have 6 rosy barbs, 4 juvenile blue rams, 2 small SAE, 5 cory matae, 5
otocinclus, some ghost and amano shrimp, and 1 small unknown fish.

Ordered some K2SO4 and KH2PO4 online and will convert to using that once
it arrives.  For now, I'm doing small doses of KCL, KNO3, and traces every
2-3 days and keeping an eye on things.  I suspect I'll be posting more
questions as I expect to see changes in my tank.  If they aren't all good,
I'll be back. ;)

Robert Chady
Chippewa Falls, WI