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FreshAddress Spam

Below is the spam I mentioned in a previous post. It didn't go thru as a 
forward. Sorry.

Subj:   Taking advantage of FreshAddress.com    
Date:   4/6/02 10:00:57 PM Eastern Standard Time    
From:    susan at freshaddress_com
To:    Dgrim62 at cs_com

Dear Dgrim62 at cs_com,

As you know, FreshAddress.com, your Personal Change of Email Address 
Headquarters, has been working with FINS to ensure their 
messages go to your preferred email address.

But have you taken advantage of the other features offered by 

-Add your other working and old email addresses so that friends who knew 
you by a different address can reconnect!  Simply go here and log in:

-Need to find an old friend's current preferred email address?  Update 
your privacy options so that you can perform free searches.  Simply log 
in and make the change here:

Either way, to log in you'll need your current
FreshAddress: Dgrim62 at cs_com
Password: JQSKBB

Questions?  Confused?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions at:

As always, your email address and any other information are completely 
protected by our strict privacy terms and our TRUSTe-approved privacy 


Susan Foley
Membership Coordinator

p.s.  Please note that you do not need to reply to this email as your 
receipt confirms the proper working of your account.  You have not been 
placed on any new email lists or subscriptions.  We'd be sorry to lose 
you, but if you do not want this free and confidential service, click 

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