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Re: 35gal w/a lot of light

> 35 gallon acrylic
> flourite substrate
> 192W CF lights
> KH 4
> GH 5
> pH 6.7
> temp 78-80
> NO3 5-10 ppm

I'd stay in the 6.5-6.6 range for pH. Lights on 10-12hrs.
> Intend on starting to dose KNO3 and trace elements (stuff just arrived).
> Based on what I've read before, I believe I am limited on K so
> until I can get my hands on some K2SO4 was looking to use KCL for now.

Sure, I'd add perhaps no more than 1/4 teaspoon a week. Do go sized water
changes weekly. You'll also drive the PO4 down if you do this. You may want
some to add to the tank also at this lighting level.
If you can make the tank stay in the 20-30ppm range for the CO2, NO3
5-10ppm, K above 10ppm, and you start adding traces(you will need to add
more of these than you think), PO4 will be knocked down to zero inside of a
few days.
I'd get these items from an on line vendor:

KNO3 locally.
CO2 locally.
These are all you need for your tank's plants with the lighting.

You have a great deal of light. Does your tap water come out close to those
amounts?(GH and KH) Or are you using RO etc?
I'd really consider high % water changes and 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3 3x or more
a week. PO4 will certainly help and higher CO2. Traces your going to be
adding 10 mls of flourish/TMG every 3 rd day.
If you have mostly crypts and some slow growing Anubias you can reduce this
but if you have a fair amount of fast growing plants, this is what's going
to be added to get a good result (Or very close). You can add less NO3/PO4
if you have a fair fish load and algae eaters.

Tom Barr