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RE: Jordanella floridae

Hi everyone,

Keeping all personal issues out of this, I thought I'd share some info on the 
use of the  term "Florida Flag Fish" as a common name for Jordanella 

There is an article on Jordanella floridae in the April, 2002 issue of 
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine by Jaroslav Kadlec, who I believe is 
from the Czech Republic, inferred from the text of the article. It is titled 
"Flag Fish From Florida: Jordanella floridae Goode et Bean, 1879."

Kadlec lists five references at the end of the article. Here are two of them: 

2. Lough, E., 1984. Jordanella floridae Goode et Bean, 1879---Floridae Flag 
      Killi-News, No. 111, pp. 5-6, publ. by the BKA.

3. Owen, K., 1968. Jordanella floridae Goode et Bean, 1879---Floridae Flag 
      Pamphlet No. 34, publ. by the BKA.

Notice the reference to Florida Flag Fish as far back as 1968, 34 years ago. 
I am assuming Floridae is an English spelling for Florida and the BKA in the 
reference is British Killifish Association.

Kadlec refers to J. floridae as "Flag Fish" in the article, not Florida Flag 
Fish, but it appears the term Florida Flag Fish has been used for Jordanella 
Floridae by somebody for at least 34 years.


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