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re: Florida Flag Fish Forever

Dwight wrote: "Let's face it Dave, the fish bears little resemblance
to and American Flag
either.  You have to be told first it looks like US flag to concvince
yourself of this.   Its like seeing Elvis in a bowl of spaggetti if
know what I mean.   It has just as much slight Florida Flag
resemblance as
well IMHO."

Well, I just did a quick google using "jordanella floridae" as the
search term, and your website was the only one I saw that called it a
"Florida" flag fish...  Like I said, I understand calling it a
"Florida Fish" but I still don't understand why you would include the
word "flag" in there...  I mean, the Florida Flag is basically a big
red X, while the American Flag is called the stars and stripes and is
red, white, and blue.  Looking at this photo, I'd say American Flag
Fish is quite a bit more appropriate:
I'm sure not every j. floridae is as good an example as the top one
in this pic, but it makes the choice of name very obvious...

Dwight, I just don't understand why you would want to use some
obscure common name instead of a COMMON common name...  Why promote
the fish using a name that hardly anybody recognizes when you can use
the common name that all of the killifish organizations use?  Is it
some sort of state pride?  I could understand that, but I can't think
of any other good reason to try and force a virtually unused common
name on the public...
Dave Engle

Jacksonville, NC USA
Independent Associate
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.