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Re: American/Florida Flag Fish debate

>As I recall, its called "Florida Flag Fish" by Dwight et al because HE is
>from Florida and believes that gives him special "dibbs" on what a fish
>native to the state should be known by. 

Why am I not supprised JAMES of all people would jump in and feed this
troll.  Now adding adhominem attacks to gaurantee it continues.

Your memory is quite faulty sir James, as you have forgotten the name
probably  pre dates my birth let alone my entry into the hobby.  It will
continue far past my exit from this life as well.  Knowing our history, I
am "flattered" and more than a bit amused that you think I invented Florida
Flag Fish.  You also forgot that I was first introduced to the fish by
Augie E. a fellow Floridian and hobbyist and worked very hard to bring the
fish to prominence as an algae eater.  It is because of that effort, the
fish and the name is often (incorrctly) attributed to me.

>He was also, at least at one point
>in time, selling them mail order and the special moniker gave him a
>competative advantage over LFS in other areas who were selling "American
>Flag Fish". Unsuspecting hobbyists might be more inclined to buy the fish
>from Dwight than from their local stores if they didn't know that the fish
>in question was one and the same.

This is patently inaccurate.  There is no competitive advantage to a common
name everyone knows when displayed with a photo and its scientific name.

2 years ago, you couldn't get these fish in most local shops.  We were
inundated with requests for the fish at a time when we only sold plants.
Back then, hobbyists were telling us they could not convice their local
shops to bring it in.  That has finally changed.   To a large extent, this
was due to my initial efforts. 

Well, I still do breed and sell those beauties and they are on our web
site: http://www.floridadriftwood.com   because many locals still do not
have an enlightened LFS.

No James, I invented no name for the the flag fish.  The fact is, you are
in this group long enough to know what you saying is ridiculous because you
know much of this history.  Once again, it is you who are attempting to
mislead.  Just as you once accused me on this list of inventing the name
"Australian Pine" driftwood.  Now THAT was a good laugh riot! 

Dave Engle:

>I understand the FFF concept of calling it a Florida Fish, but where
>does the "flag" fit in there?  The killie in no way resembles the
>Florida flag (that I can see...).

Let's face it Dave, the fish bears little resemblance to and American Flag
either.  You have to be told first it looks like US flag to concvince
yourself of this.   Its like seeing Elvis in a bowl of spaggetti if you
know what I mean.   It has just as much slight Florida Flag resemblance as
well IMHO.