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Re: Flourite Red - Correction

"S. Hieber" wrote:
> Givens:
> 1 pound of Flourite yields = 28 cu. inches of Flourite (per SeaChem)
> To determine number of bags of flourite:
> Multiply desired gravel height times tank length (inches) times tank
> width (inches)  = Cubic Inches of Flourite Needed
> divide Cubic Inches of Flourite Needed by 28 for number of Flourite
> Pounds Needed, then divide by 12 for number of bags (at 12 pounds per
> bag).

Thanks for the math. That equation shows me that I'll never use Flourite
;-) To fill my 80G to 4" would cost me about $150. That's too much money
for dirt ;-) I'll stick with sand filter gravel at $25 to fill my 80G.

Jerry Baker