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American/Florida Flag Fish debate

Dwight wrote:
"The arguements on both sides for the name Florida Flag Fish or American
Flag Fish are logical and quite valid."
Dave Engle replied:
"I understand the FFF concept of calling it a Florida Fish, but where does
the "flag" fit in there?  The killie in no way resembles the Florida flag
(that I can see...)."

Oh God, not this old argument again....lol

As I recall, its called "Florida Flag Fish" by Dwight et al because HE is
from Florida and believes that gives him special "dibbs" on what a fish
native to the state should be known by. He was also, at least at one point
in time, selling them mail order and the special moniker gave him a
competative advantage over LFS in other areas who were selling "American
Flag Fish". Unsuspecting hobbyists might be more inclined to buy the fish
from Dwight than from their local stores if they didn't know that the fish
in question was one and the same.

But call it what you will, its a pretty little fish, and it certainly has
its place in the hobby (as does Dwight).

Laughing in Toronto......

James Purchase