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Re: K2SO4 vs KCL

: > 
: > So, I'm finally getting around to making up my own PMDD chemicals (thanks
: > for the advice Tom), but seem to have run in to a small problem -- I can't
: > find K2SO4 anywhere around here.  On the otherhand, I can find a near
: > limitless supply of KCL.  So, my question is, is there any real problem
: > with using KCL (Chloride gonna be a problem?) for this application?  I've
: > seen it listed as a possible alternative to K2SO4 before, but don't want
: > to find out the hard way that it will cause problems. :)
: > 
: > Robert Chady
: > Chippewa Falls, WI
: Robert,
: If you're using the KNO3 and need a fair amount of it, K+ will be relatively
: high in the tank, and small amounts of KCL would be fine for topping off the
: K+. My concern is more about high levels of CL- ion. SO4 levels are not that
: bad for plants on the other hand. It's often a component in higher GH
: waters. If you plan on using a lot of K+ I'd stick to the K2SO4. Several
: places do sell it on line. www.litemanu.com or something close I know sells
: it. Ag place will sell a 50lb sack and then you can supply the State with
: K2SO4 for aquarist.
: You have hard water up there and I think the effects of higher Cl- are
: likely going to less detrimental to your plants.

I have a sneaking suspicion I am quite limited in the K department right
now.  Older leaves are developing holes, growth has slowed way down, etc.
NO3 levels are also fairly low, somewhere between 5-10ppm (err, I believe
that was the unit of measure used).  When I've tested our tap water, it
shows a KH of about 4, GH of about 5 so I was hoping the CL wouldn't harm

My tank parameters again are:

35 gallon acrylic
flourite substrate
192W CF lights
KH 4
GH 5
pH 6.7
temp 78-80
NO3 5-10 ppm

Intend on starting to dose KNO3 and trace elements (stuff just arrived).
Based on what I've read before, I believe I am limited on K so
until I can get my hands on some K2SO4 was looking to use KCL for now.

I should have included all this info on my first post, ahh well, I'll get
it right this time. :)

So, based on this information, how much room for error do I have on adding
KCl to top things off?

Robert Chady
Chippewa Falls, WI