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RE: Flourite Red - Correction

I wrongly wrote:
> Here's how to determine how many bags of flourite 
> you need in a tank.

> Given:  Flourite yields 28 cu in/lb.

> Measure the volume you want to fill 
> (tank width times length times desired height
> of gravel) in cubic inches and divide by 28.  
> Round to up to the nearest bag and buy that many.

That was WRONG because I left out part of the equation:
dividing the volume by 28 gives you the number of pounds of Flourite
you want.  Divide that by 12, which is the pounds in a bag of Flourite,
and you have the number of bags you want.

Just to clean things up, I should have written this

1 pound of Flourite yields = 28 cu. inches of Flourite (per SeaChem)

To determine number of bags of flourite:

Multiply desired gravel height times tank length (inches) times tank
width (inches)  = Cubic Inches of Flourite Needed

divide Cubic Inches of Flourite Needed by 28 for number of Flourite
Pounds Needed, then divide by 12 for number of bags (at 12 pounds per

Scott H.

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