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Re: flourite red

chris asked: 

> I just ordered 8 bags of flourite red Will this be a deep enough
> substrate with A-Zoo heating cables or should I be shooting for a
> deeper base?

I depends on how deep you want.  3-4 inches is typically recommended
for plants.  Sometime folks will "suggest" a 2 inch base in a very
small tank.  That will work just fine with those thin Azoo cables that
stay vey close the the bottom glass. 

Here's how to determine how many bags of flourite you need in a tank.

Given:  Flourite yields 28 cu in/lb.

Measure the volume you want to fill (tank width times length times
desired height of gravel) in cubic inches and divide by 28.  Round to
up to the nearest bag and buy that many.

Good luck,
Scott H.

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