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blasting sand/fertilizer and undergravel

I found South Carolina blasting sand made of Silica for about $4.00 per
hundred pounds. Itís a medium grade (Bx30) and light brown in color. The
books say if using sand as a substrate as opposed to coarse gravel without
under gravel filter, then only layer one inch because of anaerobic bacteria
if sand too deep (I am only using a ehiem 2017 filter (850 lph) for 125
gal). I was considering doing Ĺ in of sand, then a SERA fertilizer, then
another Ĺ in of sand.  Is this reasonable?  The aquarium place also
recommended I put in my old under gravel filter plates without the lift
tube/power head to put the sand on top.  This would allow plants to attach
roots to plates. Other recommendation would be to use the python every six
months to quickly evac area under plates to clear debris. I would appreciate
any thoughts/advice prior to executing this plan. Thanks. Blair

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