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Re: C2it donations

John can't get signed up at C2it -- he said, in part:

> I have now talked with Citibank three (3) times trying to resolve
> allowing
> me to register the account "JBenn at jblaw_org" on their system.  Their
> online
> registration system is pathetic.
> I'm now told that someone will contact me within a week to discuss.
> I know that the suggestion to use C2it.com was well-intended. 
> Perhaps if
> those of you who contributed contact their Customer Service
> (800-200-3881)
> you'll somehow get them to recognize my efforts to set up an account.

Well this presents a couple of familiar problems, at least this is how
it looks to me -- 1) the sign-up/log-on routine doesn't perform error
handling very well.  There apparently was an interruption while John
was signing up, so the easy way out, in terms of programing is lock-out
the username for two days rather do a more sophisticated recovery.

2) The "Help" number is just some folks in building in another state
that get paid to answer the calls and respond to questions by reading
from a script.  The folks probably work for a contractor whose staff
answer phones for lots of companies, not just Citi.  If the problem is
elevated high enough, the contracting party will be made aware.  I
doubt that my one call did that.  I hope that the way this all seems to
me is just due to overactive cynicism on my part.

I think there could be a lot folks donations on hold for a few day
while.  Sorry, John.  It sounded like a good idea.  And it might still
pan out-  but with a lot less convencience than some of us exepcted
Citi to provide.

Scott H.

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