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Re: [Redacted]

"Gamera" <Gamera at attbi_com> writes:
> [Redacted]
>   Would that start a flame-war the likes of which we have 
> never
> seen here?  What if so many non-aquarist spectators start posting so many
> non-aquatic related messages that the APD no longer resembles the wealth 
> of
> aquatic knowledge we all know it to be?  Does anyone else share these same
> concerns?

As far as the ActWin server handling the load, there's nothing to worry 
about.  The APD makes up just a tiny percentage of what we handle every 
day.  [Redacted]

I'd include something actually about plants here, but the only plants I've 
got growing are caulerpa (marine macro algae) in my seahorse tank.