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C2it.com donations

Hi John,
Sorry for the trouble.  I had great difficulty setting up my c2it account a
couple of months ago, but once it is set up it's easier to use than paypal
and the fees are lower.  Other folks have set up accounts with no problems
at all.  I think the initial setup is a crapshoot or something.  The problem
I had was regarding the *exact* spelling of my address -- is there a '.'
after "Ave", etc.

What kind of problems are you having?  It might make it easier for us to
bitch at Citibank on your behalf.  Thanks.

Best regards,

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>      Subject: C2it.com donations 
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>      Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 11:44:09 -0600 
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> I have now talked with Citibank three (3) times trying to resolve allowing
> me to register the account "JBenn at jblaw_org" on their system.  Their online
> registration system is pathetic.
> I'm now told that someone will contact me within a week to discuss.
> I know that the suggestion to use C2it.com was well-intended.  Perhaps if
> those of you who contributed contact their Customer Service (800-200-3881)
> you'll somehow get them to recognize my efforts to set up an account.