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RE: New CO2 Calculator

Jerry Baker:
How fateful and remarkable our coincident posts.  My confusion about my
kH/pH/CO2 may have been solved, not necessarily by your response (although
that is VERY much appreciated), but by your (seemingly) unrelated post about
your calculator.  Check this out:

I always enjoy new sites and new aquarium related ideas to check out, so
when I came across the link to your calculator, I went there.  I plugged in
some of my values, and it sadly confirmed what I already knew - that I was
ready the chart correctly, and that I must be having other issues.  But then
I noticed in the kH row, you reference meq/L.  Like a flash of bright light
it hit me.  What if my mistake was to assume my test kit was measuring ppm,
when it was actually measuring meq/L -?  I plugged in 70 for meq/L and 48ppm
CO2, and, sure enough, it calculated my pH exactly!  Eureka!   I'll check
out the test kit as soon as I get home, but I'm betting that's it!  The good
news is that I'm not crazy, mathematics and chemistry are still valid
disciplines, and all is right with the world.  The bad news is, of course
that if my water gets any harder I may try skating on it.  But I can deal
with that problem easier than I can deal with the confusion.  So, your
calculator seems to work well, and it looks good.  Thanks - I've bookmarked

Isn't it odd,  after all that you responded to my post to help me in my
confusion, then on an unrelated topic, you provided me with the means to
unconfuse myself on the first topic -?  I would have visited your calculator
regardless of whether you had responded to me, of course.  Thanks again
Jerry, thanks Providence.

I'm happy now, even though I have work to do (labor of love, as we can all