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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

Bob said, in part:

> To set and periodically test the temperature after you've warmed up
> the
> piping, leave the valve open at the tank end and I find it's easier
> to pinch
> off the hose near the faucet with your hand and put the valve in
> suction
> mode to set the water temperature.
> Once the temperature is set all you have to do is
> unpinch the hose and set the valve to fill the aquarium. A lot easier
> than
> walking back and forth with the fill end to the sink to test the
> temperature

I think Rachel was, and certainly I was, addressing the matter of the
water temp changing *after* you had set it.  Even after doing what you
describe, for some folks, the water temp will continue to drift as you
continue to run the water.  So that's where the back in forth comes in.

You don't have to carry the fill end back and forth and back and forth.
 Once the pipes are warmed, the temp is set, and no toilets are being
flushed, the drift in temp is relatively minor (depends on how much
water you run) and you don't have to shut off the python to make small
adjustments at the faucet.

If you have enough tanks to fill, you will comepletely drain the hot
water heater of hot water -- like when a lot of relatives come to visit
and they all take showers one after the  other and then theirs no hot
water left for you :-) -- then you can't control the temp at all -- not
without waiting for the hot water heater to warm up again.

Scott H.

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