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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #7

From: "Wiatr, Stan" <SWiatr at msubillings_edu>

I am a botanist at Montana State University in Billings, MT. presently
studying aquatic vegetation of the Bighorn River located in south-central
Montana.  One of the interesting plants I have observed in the river is a
moss that I suspect is Fontinalis.  The river is alkaline (pH 8.0), cold
(winter 2C, summer max of 16C), and free of ice all year.  The moss grows
along the shore or in fast, shallow water, always attached...anchored
strongly to rocks in thick bristly masses of mostly older, dead material.  I
would appreciate any assistance you could offer on the identification of
this plant since I am not a taxonomist.  I would be happy to send photos or
possibly a specimen if you could help.
Thanks in advance,
Stan Wiatr, Assoc. Professor of Biology
Dept. Biological & Physical Sciences
Montana State University
Billings, MT  59101
James Purchase has located various bryologists in an attempt to identify
some aquatic mosses.  Look for his posts on mosses in the September, 2001
Aquatic Plant Digest archives:


I know a bryologist at the University of North Alabama who has a web site:


He is a very nice guy and very helpful.

Paul Krombholz in chilly (again!) central Mississippi, with yet another
polar air mass.  The chimney swifts got up late and went to bed early