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Re: Re: Re: Cloudy water again...(warning, looooong)

> Lileopsis sp. are relatively slow growers, even in ideal conditions, so
> don't expect too much, especially as your Geophagus gets bigger!
>Guess I was misinformed...I really want a 'lawn' in the front part of my
>tank.  Is there anything really good for this?
Both Glosstigma and Lileopsis growing in a tank, the Gloss literally plowed
through a thicket of Lil, the Lil does take a while but it is worth the
wait. Once it takes off it does not take long. My substrate is about 3
inches in front with good layer of laterite about 1.5 in. down, that makes a
difference as far as growth rate IMO.  Don Matakis