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Re: kH/pH/CO2 ???

"Newcomb, Lew" wrote:
> Something is not right.  I trust the pH test kit because how can you mess
> that up?  I trust the alkalinity (I think) because it is a titration process
> with a very unambiguous color change.  I'm not so sure about the CO2 test
> kit because it is a titration process with quite a very gradual color
> change. (but it must be sorta close, right?)  If you examine the chart, it's
> obvious I'm measuring something wrong.  Is it possible that my test kit for
> CO2 is measuring CO2 that's not dissolved in the water, but only suspended
> in the water column?  (No, I didn't think so either)  I am trying to
> disperse the CO2 through my pump impeller, but many very very very fine
> bubbles appear in the tank coming out of the spray bar.
> Help?
> - Lew

If there are buffers in your tank besides carbonates, then the chart
won't work. If you have used pH down, Discus Buffer, Proper pH, or
similar products, it's gonna be broken.

Jerry Baker