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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

> Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 05:29:07 -0800 (PST)
> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python
> Rachel Sandage offered some good stuff on maintaining temps when adding
> water to an aquarium -- part of it quoted below.  I had a few cents
> left over so, I added them below:
> > the temperature of
> > the
> > water drifts as I add 50 gallons or so of water.  So here's what I do
> > now:
> >
> > Adjust the water coming out of the tap by putting the python in
> > suction mode
> > (with the fill end not in the water). Then I close it up so the water
> > flows
> > through. While I am filling I check the water temperature pretty
> > frequently,
> > and make small adjustments as I go along if I need to. My sink is
> > about 25'
> > from the tank, so I am walking back and forth.
> When you first turn on the hot water, the water in the pipes might be
> tepid (or even cold) but eventually water freshly from the water heater
> reaches your faucet.  As you draw more water from the water heater,
> cold water goes in to keep the water heater filled, which eventually
> lowers the temp of he hot water which lowers the temp of the mixed
> water at your faucet.  But *also* as the faucet warms up, the valve
> opening inside tends to alter the valve opening, reducing or increasing
> the flow of hot water.  The combination of these things can make the
> temp wander up, then down, or vice versa.  Unless you have one of those
> newfanlged temp controlling faucets,  You might have to do a bit of the
> back and forth while filling from the faucet.
> And when you get the whole thing zeroed in just right, someone will
> flush a toilet and the temp skyrockets for a short time at the faucet.
> :-\
> Scott H.

To set and periodically test the temperature after you've warmed up the
piping, leave the valve open at the tank end and I find it's easier to pinch
off the hose near the faucet with your hand and put the valve in suction
mode to set the water temperature. This causes all the water to be from just
the faucet and you can just feel or measure the output at the faucet end and
adjust accordingly. Once the temperature is set all you have to do is
unpinch the hose and set the valve to fill the aquarium. A lot easier than
walking back and forth with the fill end to the sink to test the temperature
! Make sure the washing machine or dishwasher isn't running also...!
Bob Buettner
In sunny but cool NW CT