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Python faucet pump with RV hose

I currently have 

  50' of drinking-water-quality hose
  A hose faucet adaptor to hook the hose my kitchen faucet
  A ball valve to shut off for the end not attached to the faucet

To make a python system to drain my tank (without the gravel washer)
it seems like all I need is "The python faucet pump" part 13-B in the
following diagram


which sells for about $5. (Note that in this diagram it looks like the
hose connection needs a female-to-female adaptor whereas the picture
of the pump at thatpetplace.com shows a male hose connection.)

My questions are:

  Will the python faucet pump attach to a standard garden hose faucet adaptor?

  Will the python faucet pump accept a standard hose?

  Is the "waterbed pump" mentioned in some earlier posts essentially the
     same thing as the python faucet pump?

Thanks in advance.

- Mary

BTW, if I had know about Pythons when I started I probably would have
just bought one.