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Clown Loaches and Algae Eating Shrimp

Scott S. asked if Clown Loaches eat algae eating shrimp:

Like all things in this hobby, YMMV.  Some people think American Flag Fish
are peaceful algae eaters.  Others have found them to be highly aggressive
fish that eat no algae whatsoever.  (Mine were a compromise - they ate no
algae, but they did not harm the other fish).

Clown Loaches are the same in that their behavior varies from tank to tank.
Searching the archives brings out tales of them eating shrimp and of not
eating shrimp.  My own experience was that I had 4 clown loaches in a
heavily planted 100 gallon tank.  My shrimp coexisted with the loaches and
when I tore down the tank, I discovered that the shrimp had been breeding
unbeknownst to me.  Again YMMV.

Every change you make to your tank is an experiment.  Some experiments work
and some don't.  You learn from the ones that don't.

Good Luck

Roger Gordon