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Re: Auction

>> I also might sell one of those "white" Anubias barteri you see at
>> http://www.sfbaaps.com/gallery/barr/barr_01_07.jpg
>> The plant I have is genetically identical and is a cutting off of this very
>> same plant. It is smaller than the picture and somewhat greener due to
>> higher NO3 levels in order to grow it faster. It's a slow grower due to
>> having far less chlorophyll than an already normally slow growing plant.
> OK, "might" also means "might not". Come on, Tom, get off the fence and
> start the auction. :)
> Dan Dixon

As veteran auctioneer, it's the fun of the build up and getting everyone
aware that there is an auction and that some tasty items are up for bid.
The last thing we want is to have someone left out that really wants these
auction items:-)
It'll start Thursday and end Sunday night. Or if you have a bid feel
welcomed to start.
Tom Barr